Pocket Casts 앱 리뷰

King of Podcast Apps

Aesthetically pleasing (IMO) Dark mode & light mode So many options Simple search and share Three different album view modes Change icon color options Adjust skip forward and backwards Trim silence feature Sleep options Refresh album art And more these are just my favorites

Not reliable

I’m not sure if it’s the most recent update, but the app will not play when I hit the Play button. Happens on cellular connection and on WiFi.

Pretty Good App

I much prefer this app for podcasts, instead of the iTunes app. I gave it four stars because using RSS feeds can be a pain. It can take several tries before it’ll work. I’m still currently trying to get one feed to work but it tells me to check my internet connection (both the internet connection and RSS feed work).

Love the app, but experiencing a slight bug.

Migrated to iOS from Android. Pocketcasts is my go to for podcasts. Although, the effects on my device such as volume boost and trim silence won’t toggle on. I even rebooted my device and uninstalled the app. Still doesn’t work. Please fix.

Sync Issue

Again there currently seems to be a sync issue with the website player. I love this podcast player and I have tried many. I mostly wanted the ability to play through the website as well and keep everything synced. Unfortunately that is not currently working for me

Tried ‘em all...still on Pocket Casts

Fantastic features, regularly updated, simple to use. But the icing on the cake are the app update notes. :) I try other podcast apps every time there’s a major release just to see what’s out there but always keep coming back to this one. Once you’ve decided you’re a podcast listener it’s time to download Pocket Casts.

Getting Bloated

I have been using Pocket Casts pretty much as long as it’s been around. I first got it on either IPhone 3 or 4, stuck with it when I went to android, and it was the first app I installed when I got my iPhone X. So I’m definitely a fan. At this point though, I’m looking to move on. The bloat that has apparently built up over the years has it so that running the app in the background uses roughly the same amount of batter as running Facebook with the screen on (roughly 5% per hour). When I’m looking at my phone at the end of the day and over half of my batter has been used by a single background app, that’s a real problem.

Great app and website, CarPlay needs work...

Favoriting the best episodes, syncing them up with my PC through the website, and everything else about this app is great, with the sorting options especially. HOWEVER, the Apple CarPlay app does NOT keep the same sorting order (newest first/oldest first) along with episodes that are marked as played. I need to scroll through the 40 episodes I've listened to every day to get to the unlistened episodes to play them... While driving. Easy fix though, please keep the same selection options as the app in Carplay!!!

Great app for podcast junkies

I had been using Overcast with good satisfaction until recently, when it showed some fraying at the edges. Some friends suggested Pocket Casts so I checked it out: It’s really easy to move around through the app, to access podcast settings and things quickly. A lot of care has gone into the design. (The Apple Watch app deserves a special shout out here.) The Up Next feature is a bit more fiddly than Overcast’s priority podcasts but it works well to keep up with favorite podcasts first and those that “expire” (like news or daily shows). This is almost perfect, short of playing by podcast order. The only thing I’d like to see is an available sorting by podcast order. Ordering podcasts in the “grid” screen should be available to play podcasts in an episode filter in that order. (Currently you can only play by date, from oldest or newest.) That one setting would enable me to listen to favorites first which is the only thing I can’t quite do right now.

It just works

Great app. Intuitive. My search for a great podcast player is over. And this developer writes profoundly thoughtful release notes on updates - would that Facebook and the other giants ever made the effort... 😊

Best Podcasting App

I listen to a LOT of podcasts. I’m a librarian, who, every day repairs, labels, and shelves books. In other words, I have a lot of time to listen to new podcasts. Pocket Casts provides a BEAUTIFUL app layout that makes listening to new (and my favorite) podcasts easy and efficient. Old podcasts that are no longer in Apple’s podcasts, PC has them. It’s such a wonderful app and I use it almost all day, everyday. Perfect for an iPhone X or iPad mini (I use both). Thank you for your support on the app, and I look forward to new things you plan on adding!

Chromecasting fixed

I use chromecast audio devices around my house and pocket casts was always really flakey with which devices it found. The latest update has fixed that, so this is the ultimate podcast app for me now. Syncing across devices, silence trimming, chromecast and car play in a beautifully designed app, it ticks every box for me.

Needs better search function

It would be incredibly useful to be able to search say “mickey mouse” and be able to see all episodes that mention “Mickey mouse” and listen to an individual episode. Currently frustrated that I have to subscribe to a podcast before I can merely view the episodes. I still cannot search or filter through the episodes.

Regarding notes

Hey. This is to whoever it is writing the notes for the app updates. You make my day. You are always a delight to read. These five stars are for you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Simply the best

For those of you still using the stock Apple podcast app, let me tell you the three big things that will keep my locked in with pocket casts. I’ve listened to 16 DAYS of podcasts since I picked up my iPhone 7 back in 2016 so I think I can give a fair review here. 1. Silence removal, intro skipping and precise speed controls. When you listen to a large quantity of podcasts these features save you a lot of time. While Apple podcast allows speed control, it goes 1x all the way to 1.5 which are find too fast. I keep my pocket cast at 1.3 2. It works with my in car forward and back buttons to skip forward and back. This is probably the single biggest thing preventing me from ever using the stock app. With Pocket cast My 2013 VW skips forward by 45 seconds when I hit the “skip forward” in car button. Apple podcast app does not do anything when I hit the in car button. The ability to skip ads when driving is absolutely a must have because it’s probably where I listen the most. 3. Faster refresh rate - I find pocketcast pulls the latest streams faster than the stock app. If you are even a moderately frequent podcast listener this is the most obvious purchase I can think of. I think by pure run time this is probably the most frequently used app on my phone, it’s basically always running. 10/10 great Dev, great app.


As a ravid podcast listener this app is simply just a gamechanger. Beautiful, intuitive and lovely supported, switching from Android to iOS I was worried about having to massively reset all my podcasts, nope - Pocketcasts had me covered. Love you guys, keep up the great work! One suggestion: on Apple Watch app I find myself using the built in audio app more than Pocketcasts while listening to podcasts to use the wheel to control and adjust audio, could you add that to the Pocketcast Watch app as well?

Updated Review: No More Data Use Problem

Nice interface, and with the newly-added options to auto download only on wifi and to warn before using cellular data, I can have my podcasts set to auto-download without worrying about wasting data every time I am out of wifi range and still want to stream an occasional podcast. The developer fixed what for me became a fatal problem with the app design. I’m glad to be able to use this app again for my podcasts!

Android and iOS version

Both Android and iOS versions are wonderful. I will get the desktop version too even though I don’t really need it right now - just because you are awesome.

Love this app

Has made my pod cast listening seamless again.

So close

I love this app, and for my personal use, it is superior to Apple Podcasts in all ways. Unfortunately, my friends and I share podcasts a great deal, and the share function in this app does not allow for effective sharing. I think it would be great if sharing could be customized to offer different types of shares. For example, one could share an Apple Podcasts link, a link to the podcast’s site, etc., their choice. I don’t know if all of that is available in the metadata, but if it is, why not use it?

Best podcast app

By far the best podcast app. I prefer it to overcast because you can pay once and not have to pay every single year or have to deal with ads. Highly recommend.

Podcast junkie here, this app is the best

So so good. All the features you could want

Can’t share!

I use this app CONSTANTLY! Problem is....I keep trying to share a link to an episode with a friend, and the links never ever work. Super disappointing.

Stopped working with Chromecast

Stopped working with chromecast all of the sudden. The app also doesn’t show all my devices / groups. This was the killer feature of this app. Very disappointing.

Please update

The buggy app is losing functionality.

What is playing next?

When I first open the app in the morning on that way to the gym, there is no way to tell what is in the queue to be played next. I have to start playing a random podcast in order to have access to that list. It takes many steps to build the playlist I want at the gym each morning. 1. Give me access to the playing queue apart from a playing podcast 2. Give me the option for manual sort on playlists. Make that a third option HANDOFF Handoff allows me to use the same app on my iPad, iMac and iPhone. When I am playing a podcast on my iPhone I like to switch to my iPad and keep playing once in the office. Instead of opening the pocketcast app that is on my iPad, it opens safari to the pocketcast website on my iPad. This is not the correct operation. Pocketcast on all my devices need to be able to accept handoff. Additionally, as I play a podcast on my iPhone, and I stop and want to hand off to my iPad, the iPad does not have an updated time. So I may have 15 minutes left on the podcast on my iPhone, but the iPad things I have 32 minutes left This is so close to the best. Just a little more. Hopefully the next chapter will give us that

I love this

Best Monday to Friday podcast player in this shiz, player. And I’ve been listening to podcasts since back when my boss handed me a CD full of this american life episodes and lit up my existence back in 05, player. PODCASTING WASNT EVEN REALLY A THING BACK THEN. IT WAS RECORDED RADIO. Nuff said.

Can’t transfer podcast to Apple Watch

Can’t transfer podcast to Apple Watch

In urgent need of update!!!

I ADVISE YOU TO SHOP FOR ANOTHER APP. Like many users of this app, I bought this app for its support for GoogleCast. This allowed me to wirelessly stream any video podcasts from this app to SmartTV. However, this app stopped that feature. Why??? GoogleCast has been adding new features, new security updates and bug fixes. That’s good news for SmartTV owners. But the developer of this app does not seem to care about updating it to continually make it work with GoogleCast on SmartTVs. Just take a look at many other similar iOS and Android apps that also support GoogleCast. Example: YouTube app. I have absolutely no issue streaming videos from YouTube app on my iPhone to SmartTV using the latest GoogleCast. Important point is the developer does not even have to make any code changes to support the latest GoogleCast which is usually backward compatible with previous versions anyways. Any breaking change is announced by Google months in advance to these app developers. Well, it seems like this app developer simply does not care!!

Displeased with sync

I have been using Pocket Casts for a while now and have been generally pleased with the experience. One major issue I have found was when I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Before deleting, I had gone to Settings>Account>Sync Now. I had hoped this would sync all my listening data to my account, primarily the played and unplayed episodes of my 32 podcasts. When I reinstalled the app and signed in, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that it hadn't worked. Each show listed every episode as played except the most recent episode in each podcast! I am disappointed, but maybe I misinterpreted what the sync button is designed to do. I would appreciate some feedback or some possible solution so I don't have to go back through almost 2000 episodes of content just to mark all the ones that are played and not played.


While this app has probably the best interface of all the casting apps, you CANNOT sync your progress across devices without purchasing a separate license like you can with Apple’s Podcast app. If I had known this before, I probably would not have purchased this app.

Syncing works only some of the time

I really wanted to love this app. And I do like it. Overall I think the ecosystem is better than iTunes + Podcasts app. I always prefer single-purpose apps as opposed to a catch-all like iTunes. But Pocket Casts has a syncing issue, where if I listen to a podcast on my iPhone, the position does not update on my Mac. Sometimes it works (maybe 30% of the time?). The developer knows about the issue and I’ll be happy to update my review when it’s fixed.

Best podcast app ever

Works great and looks great too. I use the Android version as well and say it’s worth every penny. Much better than Apples podcast app for sure.

Used to be great

Download is broken and hasn’t worked in over a month. Restart gets it going again but, only once, then downloads break again.

Almost perfect

I have just started using Pocket Casts, and I am very happy with it! Podcasts are a big part of my life, and Pocket Casts males it easy to organize all my many subscriptions. The BIG feature that is so important it takes up one whole star: it doesn't show my played episodes. I follow several podcasts that are narrative and are best listened to in order, and I cannot see what episode I last listened to. I like everything except this about this player!

Almost Perfect

Let me start by saying, I absolutely love this app. The layout, design, and everything about it works perfectly and I absolutely love how it integrates with my Sonos system. I would absolutely recommend this app to anyone that wants a better podcasting app in the one built into the phone, with only one real downside. With Apple announcing a podcast app for the Apple Watch. I would love to see this app expand their Apple Watch app and let me download podcasts to listen off-line. If I could listen to my Pocket Casts off-line on my Apple Watch while I run, this app would be the absolute best app in the world!

best of the best

so stable

The best podcast app out there...one question...

I love this app and have been a loyal user since 2015 on Android before I switched to ios. One feature on Android I can't find on the ios app is the voice boost feature? Am I just missing something? Or will you add it in the near future?

The best of the best

Whether you're on your phone, computer or tablet you can always get your latest podcasts succeed and ready to go. Have been a user for 4 years and still the best. Read the change logs they're great!

I like this app, but have some suggestions.

I tried a few different apps for podcasts after the default Apple one went to absolute crap. This one has good design, and I love that you can trim silence and play at faster speeds. I’d up my rating if these issues were addressed: - The “download all” button doesn’t work at all. - You can’t download an episode or even see a list of episodes for a podcast without subscribing to it. Additionally, if you unsubscribe, it will delete all episodes you have saved, which is really inconvenient. - It marks episodes played when you haven’t played them at all. This makes it hard to see what’s going on when you subscribe to a new podcast. - New episodes don’t always download automatically. It’s annoying because it waits until you open the app, meaning that sometimes it can be a bit of a wait before download. - You can’t organize your subscribe podcast list. This isn’t all that important, but it would be a nice feature.

Clean, simple, functional.

Here’s the deal. This app is beautiful, it’s easy to use, and it hardly EVER has technical issues. I haven’t had an issue with Pocket Casts since I started using it a few years ago. And the funny stats on how long you’ve listened is awesome too. Definitely 100% recommend over any other single podcasting app


My favorite podcast app, and I have tried them all. Love the act that it is on every operating system, supports everything, and does a great job trimming out the dead air and intros to get me listening fast. Only improvement I would like is the ability to browse and add a single episode of a pod without subscribing to a show. It would also be nice if the plus button to add was still there when you are inside your filters.


It bugged and I lose all my subscriptions, episodes played and not, playlists...

Won’t download podcasts without WiFi

Even after enabling “Use Mobile Data”, podcasts stay queued for long periods of time and won’t download. Randomly, it works again. Annoying bug when trying to get ready for a flight.

Won’t download

This app use to work just fine but for the last couple months the new episode would show in my downloads but wouldn’t actually download until I restarted my phone. Also you can’t play an episode, or even search through a podcasts library without subscribing to the pod. All episodes in a library are default set to played. I’m switching to overcast. Don’t waste your money.

Nothing downloads

Everything I try to download is stuck in queued. Have tried everything. Will need to find a new app I guess.

Best of the best!

Pros include: (1) notifications and customization of same is phenomenal; (2) listening stats are next-level and demonstrate extraordinary attention to detail; and (3) dark theme and icon settings are most welcome. I had a list of cons, all of which stemmed from a lack of understanding on my part: (A) list by episode with option to sort by date (solved with customizable lists that offer myriad options above and beyond anything I have seen); (B) add to play next or add to up next without downloading (solved once I learned that playback settings must be set to stream by default); and (C) play icon to the left of download icon so that users can engage the function without having to tap and hold (solved when stream by default was selected). Pocket Casts leaves the stock Podcasts app light years behind (in so many ways including its UI, customization, player options, and device cache management), providing a seamless user experience. Then there’s the fact that it exists in near-perfect form on Android and iOS and has online support for user profiles and preferences that transfer between devices. It seems like a contradiction, but here you get the best of platform support and agnosticism.

Love this App!

Since I’ve got this I’ve listened to 9 hrs of podcasts and saved over 5 hrs by using variable speed (1.6 for me), trimming silence, & skipping intros. I bought it because the apple podcast app doesn’t work with the Apple Watch and this what does. I can change episodes on my watch, skip ahead or behind, etc.

Still the best

I just gave Castro a good trial, and though it’s really good, it can’t beat PocketCasts. PocketCasts is still the simplest, easiest podcast player I’ve used. Overcast doesn’t even work for me; way too buggy. Apple’s Podcast app is too limited and quirky (it won’t let you download a podcast episode over 140mb, etc.) I’m not bothered (yet) about PocketCasts being sold, although I can’t see why anyone would buy it unless they were going to change it to serve their own interests. Seems like simple common sense. But I’ll keep an open mind about the sale and take things as they come. I’ll add a fifth star when PocketCasts adds support for password protected podcasts, which I’m betting is just around the corner, since it helps podcasters monetize their podcasts.

I’ve tried them all

I’ve tried them all multiple times and none of them even come close to being as good as Casts. As long as I listen to podcasts and the developers update the app on a regular basis, it will never leave my home screen.

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