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Favorite Podcast app, super responsive developer

Excellent design, just enough features, reliable, web and app sync across platforms, Chromecast support, and Sonos support - the only dedicated podcast app to do that! It’s worth it, and worth getting the web service too. More than once I’ve emailed the developer, and the conversations were prompt, friendly, detailed, and productive. They are nice, professional people who respect their users.


Favorite podcast app and seamlessly syncs across various operating systems.

Used to be best of all podcast apps on iOS

Edit: on 7plus iPhone pocket casts has become very buggy, unresponsive and crashes. Have about 400 subscriptions, but pick and choose selective by topic or guest before downloading maybe one a day then deleting it. Putting anything in queue makes the app completely freeze and crash. Was never like this before and I have ample space on phone Devs never replied to support mail from over a month ago. Guess I’ll move more towards Breaker which seems to scale better as podcasts become more popular. Former review: I've been listening to Podcasts since before the iPhone existed and have tried nearly all iOS podcasting apps. This app has a stellar interface and granular control over playlists and settings that others lack. It also can handle a lot of podcasts and its filter settings are fantastic. I also like the tile view which Overcast and others lack. I've tried thousands of apps as a developer and this is in my top 5. Seriously, great update.

Once was the best player, can be again

Please fix or add in next update Ability to manually sort episodes in a filtered playlist; Number episodes/chapters; Option to delete/hide the entire or select list of played episodes within a podcast episode list; Ability to view episodes within a podcast before subscribing, better yet able to download select episodes of podcast without subscribing to the podcast.

This is one of the best. Just one thing

This looks great, is fast and has many features. The only thing I want/need is access to the up next list. Right now I can only get to it from a playing podcast. I would like to know what is in there without playing anything. Additionally I would like to make a filter list that has manual sorting so I can rearrange the order by dragging. Give me those two things and I will sing your praises. I also want to make a filter that will play through without looking at the hidden “up next” list. All this because I honestly cannot predict what is coming up next which is frustrating.

My favorite podcast app

I’ve tried a ton, from Overcast to Downcast and many in between and this is my fav. Highly customizable with an intuitive interface. I listen to podcasts a ton, so def worth it to me to pay for a solution I like. Try it!

Auto Download Doesn’t Work

I turned on auto-download on my subscribed podcasts. However, it doesn’t seem to work. I get notifications, but it only downloads when I click into the notifications. Major fail. This app was a waste of money. The auto download app on the Apple podcast app works.

Issues with CarPlay

I’ve noticed some issues with Apple CarPlay. If used in conjunction with maps, after the voice prompts from maps, the podcast with either stop completely, stutter for 5-10 seconds, or pause briefly (as it should). I’ve also noticed this app can cause CarPlay to crash until I force close it, clear memory, and unplug and plug it back in. I’ve tried to fix this multiple ways, but it always comes down to this app causing the problem.

Random Chipmunks

Whether in a car mount or in a pocket, this app will randomly increase the speed of your podcast to an un-listenable level. Sometimes it likes to continuously cycle through too fast to too slow. I am guessing that there is some shake to control speed anti-feature that I cannot find to turn off in the settings. If you ever move while listening to podcasts or like to listen while driving, this app will drive you insane.

Still Lacking?

All this time and this app has never added the ability to use audio effects WITHOUT downloading episode first? I don’t download the episodes I listen to so being not being able to use those effects is a huge con. That’s the reason I use another podcast player. Because it allows those effects while steaming. If it added that feature this would be my go to player. Having said that this is one of the best podcast players around. That and with me using iOS and Android at times being able to use this on both platforms is another pro. That and the ability to watch video. Although I don’t use the video player as much it’s a nice touch.

Good for beginners I guess

Terrible for importing. I imported my data from Overcast and it got all the podcasts, unlike Breaker. I was willing to go through and manually mark where I was in each podcast, but this app WOULD NOT save the changes. All I want is to change the played/unplayed status. If I have to remember what ep I'm on for every podcast, why mark played/unplayed at all? This failed at seriously the FIRST thing I tried to do to make the switch. So I guess if you start with another app, maybe stay there.

Love but issues with CarPlay.

Dig the app. A big upgrade from Apple Podcasts. However, when hooked up to CarPlay, it freezes up, causes my phone to restart and seems to make other audio apps flip out. I think it also causes calls to get diverted to speaker instead of over CarPlay. If those glitchy items get fixed, I’d give it 5 stars.

IPhone X screen real estate

I would not normally expect things but this is a paid app. I would expect video podcasts to use way more screen real estate on an iPhone X than they currently use on this app. Please update this. Also, Apple Watch app seems to drain the battery. (Not blaming shift jelly completely because it could be the last update but could still be shift jelly)

Cannot log in

I am notable to log into the mobile application despite being able to log into the web client of this app. Why did I purchase this if it doesn’t work in parity with the web app? Much frustration


Love this app I'm curious is there support for this app with video podcast shows as well.

No Authentication Support = Fail

No official support for authentication on paid podcasts. No good. I managed to get a few of them to work using the suggested syntax, but results were inconsistent. Too bad, it is a very nice app for free podcasts, but until it can support username/password authentication, I will use something else.

Clean, easy to use, and feature-rich

First let me say I really appreciate paying more up front for a subscription free app! This app just works. I haven’t had any bug issues, and it has all the same features I’ve seen on the competition, like playback speed controls, the ability to skip a set amount of time for a podcast (great for annoying intros), and more. I paid for web player access and love the sync speed and reliability across players. Keep up the good work!

Finally found it


Far superior to the native iOS app!

This app is so packed with essential features, well thought out, reliable and intuitive... it completely puts Apple’s native podcast app to shame. Totally worth the money!

Won’t do paid podcasts = No Go

The UI is slick. Very clean...much like Apple’s podcast app used to be. But the fact that it won’t accept paid podcast feeds instantly negates all that. Even Apple’s now-terrible app does that...for This app not to is inexcusable.

Overall very good, one annoying feature

This is a great podcast app, but why do I have to subscribe to a podcast to see the list of episodes? It’s super annoying and I’m honestly considering switching back to Apple’s app because of it.

Simple, functional, elegant.

In October of 2017 Apple revised their Podcasts app (again) and it went from unwieldy, recalcitrant and clunky to a garbage fire that thought it knew better than me what I did and didn’t want to listen to. For the price of this app it was worth it to try something else and I find myself not just “mostly appeased” but “throughly delighted!” If I could write a companion review for Apple’s Podcasts app pooping all over it I would, I’ll have to be satisfied with endorsing this app whole heartedly.

Poor confusing UI

Very poor user interface. Design is arbitrary. There is a lot of capability, but it is diminished by a lack of thought of how it should actually work.


Does not update the latest episodes- and do not respond to any requests for help! Tired of trying!

Don’t But Until Update

Massive mistake buying this app. Yes, the UI is much better than that of the podcasts app at the time of my writing this. However, there is no search feature available for episodes which is a huge inconvenience. Any time you’re searching for an older episode of a certain podcast, you have to scroll through pages upon pages to find it (I’m now stuck using two podcast apps which is quite annoying). I contacted the company and they said they hope to have this feature in the future. In all honestly that’s one that should without question have been incorporated by now.

Love the design, but missing some features

Love the overall look and feel of the app. Have been looking for a snappier alternative to Downcast. Unfortunately, this is missing a number of more detailed sorting options for podcast episodes (like sorting by time, sorting by file size, etc.) and the ability to edit select items on a list (rather than do a “mark all as...” function). Additionally, would love the ability to select specific episodes from a list to delete (rather than mark as listened, and then have to “delete all” from a separate menu). In short, I want to love this, but I just don’t have enough additional functionality to make the switch worth it.

Had to buy it twice it's that good!

I just converted back to Apple from Android. I tried the built in podcast experience before spending money again and the Apple app is horrible. Bought this again and am loving it! App is the same as it was on Android and it rocks!

Great app, not number one, but great

This app is everything you want in a podcast app except one thing: playback. It’s playback is still superb, and better than almost every app but overcast. I like the ability to adjust speed by 0.1 and the trim silences feature. Organizing by release date and creating playlists is superb. The only thing is, overcast is just so perfect in its playback ability, and seamless trim silences feature that nothing can rival it. If you’re like me and use two podcast apps (one for Subscriptions and another for binging) then this one is great for the daily Subscriptions, but I wouldn’t recommend it for binging. Overcast is probably best for that.

bad purchase

unskippable ads!! awful

Excellent standalone and also best integration into Sonos

I’d been looking for a better way to play my podcasts on my Sonos system. Casts exceeded my expectations. The automatic creation of a In Progress folder is what allows this app to fully integrate with Sonos.

Lately has been skipping audio

Recently when playing a podcast it will skip or repeat, it's not the player, it seems to be the content because you can go back to the same spots and repeat the issue.

Love this app but one thing...

is a little strange. If I want to do over new podcasts I always have to first subscribe to the podcast before I can listen to it. Makes no sense to me since I don’t know if I really want to subscribe to a specific podcast before I don’t know it’s content. If this is fixed I would be happy all around and give 5 stars!

Clean and simple

The UI is clean and simple. By far my favorite app.

Insanely Good

Pocket Casts is the most used app on my phone. I listen to far too many podcasts and a good podcast app is essential to me. I've tried them all, and try all newcomers as they are released, but this is the one I always come back to. You won't be disappointed.

My favorite podcast app

I have been a user for a long time, and I just realize that I should give this app a good review. I am able to find all the podcasts that I love and download them to listen anytime and everywhere. One improvement that that I would like is to have a place for the user to leave review for the podcasts. But otherwise, this app exists on all of my devices, and I will continue to be a user for a long long time.

Mostly great - needs to allow category sorting

It’s by far my favorite podcast app. It is much better than the standard apple podcast app and worth the low cost. The two reasons I only gave it 4-stars: 1) on the main podcast page, like most apps it just shows a list of podcast icons, would like the ability to sort podcasts into categories or folders 2) the volume boost and trim silence features don’t work, the buttons are there but nothing happens when I touch them.

Google cast syncing issue.

Streaming to google home does not sync across devices. Picks up podcast on iPhone from beginning after casting to near the end Google Home. Issue does not happen with android on Oreo. Please fix this sync issue been a longtime supporter.

Excellent app

Great developer.

Auto-download not working

Please fix auto-download. It does not work properly. I constantly have to open the app and manually download half of the episodes for my podcasts.

My New Favorite App!!!

I finally gave up on standard iPhone app for podcasts. Totally worth the few bucks to purchase this. Easy to search, organize and tracks podcasts. My favorite feature is the Trim Silence feature; definitely use this to minimize silences and save time!

Great app for podcasts

[2017-1208] Just a quick update and an ask to make this great app even better. Would you be able to make Casts available as Alexa skill? For example, I have a filter with the latest episodes of my subscription and play them in the order of the last one added. It will be cool if I can ask Alexa to play that filter (set as my default filter) instead of reaching out to my phone and play. Sorry I’m just too lazy. But it’ll be cool right? :-) ——- Better than anything else, stitcher, rssradio etc.

Fantastic App

I never write app reviews but feel compelled to write this one. This is the perfect podcast app, from both an aesthetic and content discovery standpoint. The controls are fantastic and highly customizable.


Downloaded after the most recent iOS update left the native podcast app unusable. I listen to podcasts constantly, so this is the most frequently used app on my phone. Tons of customization options I could not find elsewhere, so for me, it was well worth the money!

Disabled Chromecast?

I’ve been a big fan of this app for years, and have been in love with its Chromecast feature of late. Today I went to cast an episode to my Home Mini and the Chromecast icon was gone. I still see the Airplay/Bluetooth one, but the not Chromecast one. Please add the feature back.

Great app

I was using the provided Apple podcast app and was hoping there was a better way. After reading a couple of reviews (iMore) I paid the money and started using. No regrets, it’s a great app

Saved me from apple Podcasts app

After Apple totally messed up the podcasts app in iOS 11, this app saved the day. Brought back the mark as read and syncs between my devices. Highly recommended!

This is the one

I thought the built in podcasts app was fine. Then I tried Pocket Casts. There is absolutely no going back. This app is beautiful, has excellent features (I love the trim silence option!), and has really gotten me excited about podcasts again. I couldn’t ever put my finger on what it was about the built in app, but it was just non intuitive, a chore to use.

Works great with Sonos

I got this app because I wanted to listen to my podcasts on Sonos. This works great, it syncs my subscribed podcasts exactly how I wanted! Also I love all of the UI options, and especially the “new episodes section” since I listen to a lot of news podcasts.

The Greatest*

When I switched to iOS, I was relieved to find out that Pocket Casts is just as good on the iPhone. The swiping interface is intuitive and fits in well with the rest of the iPhone X UI. Everything is easy to use and it looks great. I’ve paid for it twice now and would gladly pay for it again. The stock podcast app is crippling and I even tried Overcast for a few days but I just don’t like it as much. I highly recommend PocketCasts if you’re an avid podcast listener. *One complaint: Increasing the playback speed seems to cause distortion. It’s not my speaker or headphones and only happens on iOS. This is the only major problem I have & I hope they address this soon.


Couldn’t stand the IOS11 Apple podcast app update. This ended up being a nice replacement. Easy to use and more configurable than the Apple app.

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