Pocket Casts 앱 리뷰

On par with the best but bring Shortcut support

Can you put in some hooks for Siri shortcuts?

Amazing in every way

Lots of amazing features I never knew I needed!

iOS 12 issues

I am a huge fan of this app and the developer response well. So temporarily I am reading this lower than average because like others I am having Bluetooth issue. Hopefully he creates an update soon as possible

Not working with New Apple Watch

It’s not installing as a complication on new Apple Watch 4. Please help.

Great Interface NO SYNCING

It’s a nice pretty looking app and I dig the web interface and the one time purchase model. But!!!!!! The product website claims to have sync between all devices, and well that’s just not true. Probably the most frustrating non-feature of this app. Otherwise they have a solid offering!

Easy to use, versatile, 5 stars!

Well-designed user interface with a short learning curve. Easy to configure. My best podcast player.

Likely the best podcast player

The best podcast player out there. I had a question about using the app and the developer responded very quickly. The one thing I would desperately like to see is the ability to group podcasts similar to how you can group apps in IOS. I would find that feature extremely helpful.

Bluetooth bug

I love Casts but there’s a bug that’s driving me crazy: if you turn a Bluetooth speaker on or off when Casts is playing to it, the app crashes.

Reliably crashes

Crashes when Bluetooth audio sources are turned on, video podcasts are playing and the phone is put to sleep, etc. has become progressively buggier and buggier and hasn’t been updated in a while!

Good app, needs new features to compete with other products

This app sorely needs the following updates and fixes. The Apple Watch app needs the ability to store podcasts locally on the Apple Watch. A podcast setting to filter new downloads is needed. Some podcasts release 2-3 downloads a day, but only the largest file is the actual daily podcast. Please create a download filter to sort out only the largest file. The Apple Watch app now playing screen is very annoying. There is a speed button that is accidentally activated daily if I am wearing a jacket or gloves which speeds the podcast up to 2x. No one should ever need to dynamically change the speed of the podcast from their watch.

Literally perfect

I’ve tried probably about 10 different podcast apps and none of them work the way I want. They don’t save podcasts, have trouble streaming, glitch out, etc., INCLUDING apples own podcast app. This app is he answer. Bought this app and never went back, it has everything I could possibly want, in an easily read format.

Why no trim or volume boost for streaming yet?

Migrated to iOS from Android. Pocketcasts is my go to for podcasts. It’s strange how on android, the app can trim and boost voices for streaming. Yet I have to download episodes in order to have those features. A bit disappointing...

By far the best podcast app

I downloaded and tested nearly all podcast apps on appstore but this one is simply the best. Simple, straightforward, beautifull UI, lot of customizations, sync between devices and Sonos integration. However one thing that I really miss is ALEXA Skill. Keep up the good work and thank you. 👍

Please update

I switched to icatcher podcast player and am not looking back to Pocket Casts. The functionality is much better and I can Sync to icloud at no additional cost . The app is also not subscription based.

No playlist feature?

I emailed them to double check; there's no playlist feature. The most basic of features THAT'S AVAILABLE ON THE ANDROID VERSION OF THIS APP. C'mon, my dudes.

Not much better than the native app

Why is it so difficult to build a playlist for podcasts?

Must have for power listeners

If you have more podcasts in your queue than you could ever possibly listen to, get this app. Lots of tricks to maximize listening time like eliminating silences, speed up playback. Very easy interface. Syncs playback between devices. Share audio without recipient needing to have a player of any type. So happy my old standby player from 2010 still around and upgrading on the regular. What’s more, they’ve embraced the Apple Watch side of things which makes listening on the go even better. The best.

No Auto Download Because No Mass Delete

It does what Podcast apps do. Without good management features there isn’t much difference. With this one, you can’t swipe to delete nor select multiples and delete files from your device. You have to click multiple screens to get to delete a file. It’s retarded.

I’ve tried them all, finally found the best!

I’ve tried all the podcast apps. The Apple one used to be okay, but turned to garbage. Other apps are just stupid with unnecessary stuff that I don’t care about. This is a simple no frills podcast app that allows me to easily and simply track what I have listened to and what I need to listen to. Awesome lists you can filter a ton of ways with lots of other customization options. And no bloat. The only thing I can’t figure out how to do is clear the downloads list. Once stuff is downloaded I thought I could swipe to get rid of them but I ended up marking some shows as played instead. That’s my only complaint!

BEST podcast ap EVER

I love pocketcast. I go back to it again and again. The grid setup is the best. It’s reliable, user friendly and intuitive. I have no idea why everyone doesn’t use it.

No subscription like Overcast

It also looks great.

From 5 Stars to 1 Star

For the last year Pocket Casts has fallen behind Overcast. They haven’t updated or improved the UI. Most of all, they need to add volume control to their WatchOS 5 app. I used to love this app, but it’s running slower and slower lately and the Devs aren’t very responsive.

Lagging behind the competition

I’ve been a pocketcasts user for years but have been forced to switch to Overcast. Overcast is constantly adding new features. What pushed me over to the other side was the lack of offline downloads/playback on watchOS 5. Both Overcast and Apple’s stock podcast app support this already. I love the pocketcasts UI and organization and would love to keep using it but offline playback is a must with watchOS5 in 2018.

Best app best value

This podcast app has excellent features including a great way to find and add new podcasts. Not overpriced like other apps. Has a great interface with very useful settings. The only big drawback is no search function within the podcast. This feature is on most of the other apps out there.

Perfect mix of customizable and usable

I prefer the “workflow” of this app to Overcast. Seems much easier to manually manage a queue when you want, but also allows for lots of auto lists.

Best Podcast App!

Love the app. All you need is support for Siri Shortcuts and the app would be perfect. Great job all around!

Best podcast app on IOS

This is by far top two best podcast apps in the App Store! It blows away Apple's own app. The “vocal boost” along with the “skip silence” is awesome. My only problem with the app is it does not currently offer password support for podcast like Apple Podcasts and Overcast, if they added that this would easily be a 5 star app. I would like to see the ability to download podcasts to Apple Watch so I don’t have to take my phone with me when I workout.

Keep deleting my queue

My queue is dear to me, it takes me a lot of time to fill it and curate it and every so often my queue is simply wiped out. Previously reported, still happening, don’t seem to care?

BEWARE! No support for paid podcasts!!!!!!

This may not affect many people, but I couldn’t believe it. I loved the look and features of this app and paid for it, but was unaware of this lack of what I would consider basic functionality for a paid app.

Not enough features

I’ve been searching for a podcast app that holds a candle to Podcast Addict after moving from Android. Nothing on the App Store comes even remotely close, but this app is the closest for a fair price. Unfortunately, there’s no way to shuffle play podcasts, or delete a podcast from player view, which means you have to go into the in progress filter to delete it. I’m not a huge fan of the filter system; it makes the app more complicated than necessary. The app attempts to make the UI simple, but ends up oversimplifying it and burying options. It’s a good rudimentary podcast player, but really isn’t nearly as good as offerings on Android, which is really disappointing because I love listening to podcasts.

Syncing with web broken

Please fix and I’ll amend review

One of the Best (for now)

I added “for now” because I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future this app changes in a big way. Time will tell if those changes are all positive. Pros A lot. Although I don’t use the video player often for video podcasts I like how it opens the door for those video podcasts I do want to watch. Although this doesn’t have the Android version ability to stream audio effects (without downloading first) I like how it has those effects. The volume boost and audio skip are huge pros. They even have chapter selection which is a nice touch (for those podcasts that offer it). All this and more and you pay a few dollars. Well worth it if you listen to podcasts. Most podcasts offer these features but put it behind a subscription. I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes. I hope I’m wrong on that happening. Limiting Ad Tracking if and when possible is something I hope this and others apps do. Ability to change the icon and change the theme. But I will say the dark theme doesn’t look as good as it should on Amoled displays due to the screen not turning black. It just turns dark gray. Compared to some apps that completely turn dark you can see the difference when comparing dark theme in this app and dark theme in others.

That one thing....

Why this a four-star app: I do not like that I have to subscribe to a podcast to see the episode list. For this reason, I keep another app on my phone for browsing shows - and I am considering going back to premium with that app and abandoning Pocket Casts for now.

Account Sync Cost

I love the app, however....it will not let me log in. When I reset my password, it forces me pay $9 for a web account, which I do not want. I cannot sync my ipad and iphone anymore. Absolutely no way to contact tech support. Crazy.....

Amazing Organization Features

The strength of this app is organization.

Pretty Great but ...

I listen to a gross amount of podcasts. This app is far superior to the iOS option and any other free options I have tried. My one improvement request is to make the app work with password protected feeds. I subscribe to some casts where adfree feeds are hidden behind a password protected URL and pocket cast is the only app that those don’t want to work with. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Thanks <3

It’s a life saver

It cuts out silence

Simply The Best

Works and syncs with both my Android and work iPhone. Terrific option! Also, very simple to set up and user friendly. Highly recommended!

Podcast Addict for Apple

If you used Podcast Addict on Android, Pocket Cast is the next best thing. I’ve tried 3 or 4 podcast apps since switching over to an iPhone and they all sucked! Like, they are really bad. As much as Apple makes a great product and I love everything else about iPhone, somehow podcasts are the one area where a lot of the apps are terrible. No great way to customize, create playlists, sort by release date, modify listening speeds or skip silences... I finally hit the bullet and paid for Pocket Cast out of frustration and it paid off. This is a decent app and does just what I want. The final test will be in my car in a few minutes to see if I can use my car’s playback controls to skip around. If it works, I won’t be so sad about losing Podcast Addict. Three thumbs up.

The app itself is okay.

I PURCHASED this app because it had a Windows 10 app as well. The Windows 10 app is free and I had assumed I could sync my progress between the two. Which you can if you’re willing to pay a monthly fee. No thanks. I would ask for a refund and just continue using the stock podcast app if I had known this.


A honest to goodness podcast app w/ the coveted chromecast button that works! If you don’t care about this feature it’s not worth paying for, however, the fact that I can listen to podcasts on the TV is something I deeply desired and I am pleased it works properly AND has more precise control of where you are in the podcast compared to the native app.

Fantastic but a little slow on 6S

I switched from Overcast and I love it. Just wish it was a little lighter/faster on older phones. It’s frustrating to tap a podcast and have to wait 5-10 seconds for it to start playing.

Great app for podcast, 1 complaint

My favorite podcast app. Definitely way better than apples podcast. My only gripe is that I really wish you could listen to a podcast episode that you are not subscribed to so that you could see if it is a series you would want to get into.

Crashes upon connecting to Bluetooth

It happens about 1/3 to 1/2 of the time.

This is the one

I’ve tried plenty of other podcast apps, and while I’ve enjoyed a couple of them, they pale in comparison to Pocket Casts. The others were always lacking one or two features that I needed/wanted. This app has everything I’ve been looking for — grid layout for podcasts, custom skip times, really customizable settings, and an extensive, up-to-date library to find new or old shows. I hardly ever shell out money on apps. ***This one is worth the $*** I’m very happy with this purchase and def recommend this one over the others I’ve tried.

Wonderful ✨

Could use a true dark mode anf maybe some additional customization. Other than that, it is fundamentally the best podcast app for me. The almost seamless sync between devices is huge. 🖤

Can’t sync anymore

I switch between iPad and iPhone regularly. It used to sync fine, but now it is not. I am guessing it has to do with their new subscription platform on computers. On reddit people have complained that they can’t sync anymore, and it seems like the makers of this app no longer care. I am currently looking for another podcast app to use

Predatory pricing for multiple platforms

I was excited to have the option to finally have a podcast app that syncs across all my different devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Browser). However, what was not made clear until I had purchased the app on my iPhone was that in order to use the app across the different devices I will have to PURCHASE it each time. So yes, $3.99 is reasonable for a one time download, but it’s $9.99 for web access, and another $3.99 for Android. I imagine the Mac OS will be another $9.99. This is blatantly false advertising because their main page that allows access to very little information says “If you like what you see, we’ll ask for you for $9. Just once.” They should really clarify that. I’ll be requesting a refund through the Apple store.

Works well enough

I would like to be able to play patreon subscriptions through pocketcast.

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