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Missing a critical feature, UI problems

I wish I could view and listen to a podcasts recent episodes without subscribing to the podcast! Also, if you play a podcast after reading its description you have to minimize the description and tap the player on the bottom of the app to gain access to the playback controls. This app is so close to being perfect!

The Podcast App. 🎙📲

Man, I've tried several podcast apps and this is it right here. Is there room for improvement? Sure. But man does it do so many things right. I love the customization and would appreciate the addition of true dark mode for OLED displays, some additional theming options, search titles within a podcast, and some additional app icon choices just for funzies! Thanks team! 💥

Beautiful & functional

Graphic designer & constant podcast-listener here. This is a gorgeous, functional app. Huge thanks to all y’all UX designers who worked on this thing. Beautiful.

Some issues need ironed out

This app does a few things right. I like the trim silence. I like the playlist creation. And I like how easy the app is to use overall. Unfortunately, the good qualities stop there. Many of the features I was looking for when I was trying to find a replacement podcast app were those that were in the Apple podcast app before they did the big update that basically ruined it. The first major one was being able to have the app automatically download new episodes without having to open it. The second was easily being able to continue playing the next downloaded episode after listening to the first one. This app sort of handles the second one, although I have to go out of my way to “play all,” but lacks on the first. There are some other good features I’ve seen in other apps that this one lacks, such as the ability to prioritize podcasts within playlists. This app is kind of weird the way it treats streaming or downloading episodes. It’s all or nothing with that setting which means if it’s set to download, you have to manually select each individual episode and tell it to download or stream if you forgot to download new ones before you left WiFi. All these things are kind of minor compared to the one extremely glaring issue with adding new podcasts. When you go to look at new podcasts to add, trying to decide if you want to subscribe to them, you can’t see episode titles or descriptions before subscribing to give you an idea of what the episodes are about. Before you subscribe, you only get to read the two or three sentence description of the podcast. I have found this extremely annoying and it leads me to use other apps for research. I have to say that there are better apps out there that are free and aren’t so frustrating. I may go back to one of them.

The perfect podcast app

Make sure to get the web version/Mac app as well, because this is the only podcast app you’ll ever need! I’m so happy that it supports the Chromecast. Is it possible to have a similar feature with beaming it to a Mac as well like with handoff? I apologize if this is already a feature, I’ve been having some issues with handoff lately

Best podcast app for iOS and Android.

Flat out the best podcast app I’ve ever used. Started using it on android and loved it so much I bought it again for iOS. Also bought the desktop version. Totally worth the money. A lot of features, beautiful UI/UX, constant updates, and the developer’s notes are always entertaining.

Worth the money

I finally had it with Apple Podcasts after the 11.3 iOS update. My playlist had disappeared and I didn’t seem to be able to build a new one. It was the last straw. I looked into other podcatchers, but I didn’t want to deal with ads. So I splurged on Pocket Casts, and I’m so glad I did. All my shows are available, the settings are better than I ever dreamed, and the playlist management is the best. No looking back. Apple Podcasts is dead to me. Pocket Casts is the best.

Great idea, poor execution

Love the concept, but incredibly, incredibly buggy. Lots of areas with poorly thought-out UX, crashes, and basically non-functional if you try to use it with Google Home/Google Cast devices. (Loses track of where you are in the podcast, won't show all cast devices or sometimes any, hard to set up, etc) I contacted the developer and they weren't interested in addressing any of that.

Easy to navigate, shows past played episodes and stats

I’ve had pocket cast for a year and upon downloading it and switching over my podcast player to pcast, my life was changed forever. It allowed me to optimize and maximize my podcast game. I’ve reached out to them before about a suggestion about seeing the episodes you’ve played, and they implemented it (albeit I’m sure it wasn’t directly bc of my suggestion). I love the stats because it makes me feel like I’ve been mentally productive, listening to and absorbing views and opinions of intelligent people. It is so well-organized and aesthetically pleasing. The podcasts you’re subscribed to are displayed via their cover picture, the list of episodes you’ve downloaded and new releases are very easy to see and navigate. I am a loyal, paying customer. 👍

Killing my battery

For some reason pocket casts is killing my battery more than Facebook. I have an iPhone X on iOS 11.3 and I download the podcasts instead of streaming. So I can’t understand why it’s smashing my battery so hard. I love this app, not sure if its my phone cuz I did a reset as well. Or if it’s 11.3 but either way it’s destroying my battery life.

Closest to Podcast Addict I've found

I swapped out from an Android to iPhone almost a year ago. I used and loved Podcast Addict but it's unfortunately not on iOS. I've been trying ever podcast app I read about, Stitcher, Pod Bean, Overcast, the native app. I just couldn't find one that I liked. Then along came Pocket Casts. The interface is very similar to Podcast Addict, a little watered down, but similar. It's easy to use, add episodes to the current playlist, and I was able to transfer my podcast list from my Android to Pocket Casts via OPML file. I do enjoy the 'Stat' tracker it has, showing how much time you've saved by speeding up playback or skipping intros. There are a few things I would change though. Podcast Addict has a search feature that allows you to search a podcasts episodes list for keywords. It's a nice feature I wouldn't mind seeing on Pocket Casts. Also the way each podcasts episode list is organized is a little strange. I don't like that it separates the played episodes from the not played ones. I would like it better if they just stayed in order of newest to oldest and just greying out there played ones. If these features were to appear it would be five stars all the way for me!

Best app for podcasts and Video feeds

Great app, use it all the time for my podcasts at home and in the car. Everything syncs with my account. Also bonus it supports video rss which makes it great for all the GiantBomb video content I consume. It also works great with the web app.

One Fix and a Few Requests

What a lovely app you've built! It works exceptionally well at handling the numerous series I partake in. I have only one issue; occasionally while an episode is playing, the progress bar on the lockscreen widget won't continue. It won't show the correct minute I'm currently listening to nor will the progress line move. A simple work around is pressing pause then play, but it'd be nice if I didn't need a workaround. My suggestions/requests for a "better" user experience have likely been considered before, but I've yet to see them implemented.. 1. I'd like to be able to mass-delete downloaded episodes. It's simply too tiresome to have to select an episode and tap three times to delete it. Please add a simple trash can icon in the "Downloads" section which will enable selecting of multiple episodes. 2. Please implement more sorting techniques within each series. Currently the options are "old to new" and "new to old." I'd like to see the ability to sort by episode temporal length "shortest to longest" and "longest to shortest" as well as by file size "largest to smallest" and "smallest to largest." 3. Episode Search! The tool in the main interface which allows one to search for each show is handy, but I'd like to see a per-show episode search tool. Perhaps a "Search for Episodes" option could be placed amidst each show's tri-dot overflow key functions. 4. Add Offline Mode. Although there is a downloads list, it can difficult to scroll through such a long list. Perhaps a "Google Play Music"-esque switch in the menu could be enabled so that when viewing a series, only downloaded episodes would be shown. 5. Colour adaptive show badges, please! This is somewhat minute, but having every shows episode-count flag be red is less aesthetically pleasing than flags that are able to match with the most prominent colour of the series' cover art. Whew! That's a lot, and I understand and accept that it may take a while for the team to implement all of these features (if they appeal to the team at all). I am thankful, however, for your commitment to building a spectacular podcast app. Thanks!


Love this app from Android. Migrated over to iOS so I purchased the iOS version. Truly disappointed with this iOS version, the app crashes at least a half dozen times a day——basically useable. This is one of a handful of apps that is much better on Android than iOS.


I have used this app on four different platforms. 5 stars without any hesitation

Way better than stock iOS app

Great app. Huge improvement over stock iOS podcast app. Thank you for making this a one time purchase and not a subscription.

It’s alright

If I was on Android I imagine I’d keep using it. I can no longer cast to my vizio with built in chrome cast. I swear I could before. It can cast to my bedroom just fine. After an episode download it no longer shows up in the feed for that podcast. I have to go find it in downloads. Search works if you know the exact title your looking for, but I’m constantly going to the Apple podcast app to search then listen on this. That was originally to just give it a try, now it’s just a pain.

What happened?

Something went haywire. Couldn’t download any of my podcasts...deleted the app and reinstalled, which fixed the issue, but also wiped all my subscriptions. This has happened twice. Using the Apple app again now. 2 stars because I once upon a time liked it.

Use Every Day

I use this app every day to listen to podcasts during my drive to work and my drive home (and during the occasional household chore). It works well, and it offers the features I really like such as variable speed playback and easy skip buttons. It also introduced a feature I didn’t know I would like until I tried it—trim silence. If you are a podcast consumer, I highly recommend this app!

Doesn’t support password protected podcasts

Would be the best podcast app if it would support password protected podcasts.

Decent, but not intuitive

I downloaded this from being dissatisfied with a handful of free podcast apps. A friend using Android recommended it and that it was worth the $$$. I basically still have this app bc I already paid for it but I’m still just as dissatisfied with it but tired of looking. (The #1 feature I’m looking for was to auto-queue podcast episodes to stream based on the last episode I listened to. Not the oldest or newest, most of my podcasts I’m in the middle and want to listen to them sequentially. This app does not do that but gives me some ok features.) Pros: - CarPlay app - Can choose between download or streaming with several swipes - Decent looking interface Cons: - Does not auto queue episodes based on listening history (like all apps I’ve tried) - Confusing switching between Download vs Stream vs Up Next vs “Listened To (assumes you have)” vs “Haven’t listened to but not in my queue” vs Download queue or Stream queue? - Inconsistent queues between CarPlay and iOS app (pls just continue playing the last episode?) I’ve figured out a system to use this but still think I’m not using it as intended. An app that needs a video tutorial is prob doing it wrong but a video tutorial would be better than nothing.

Best podcast app! Worth the purchase.

I’m usually fine whenever Apple updates their UI for their own apps every yearly update, but the latest Podcasts app is awful! Clunky and tedious to use, and I’m a tech savvy youth who knows what I’m doing, but even still. Horrible. Sooo, I needed a replacement. “Overcast” is really good, but this “Pocket Casts” is near perfect! Clean and customizable user interface. If you listen to a lot of podcasts, this is worth buying for! Even if Apple fixes their own app for the next iOS update, I’ll be sticking with this one.

best podcast client

Developer continues to write funny release notes despite knowing nobody reads them since auto update became a thing.

Awesome, just needs a couple things

I really like it. And it doesn't crash like Apple Podcasts does, so it has that going for it. That said there are a few things I'd like to see added/tweaked: - Ability to view and download a podcast's episodes without subscribing. - In podcast view, grouping by season for those podcasts that support it (see Apple Podcasts app), and grouping by year for those that don't. (Filter lists already group by year, so it's unclear why the view of a single podcast doesn't.) - A download queue that is actually a queue instead of the app trying to download every single queued episode simultaneously. Have a user-defined limit of simultaneous downloads, i.e. 2 or 3. - Add ability to select all and then deselect a few instead of select all being an on/off switch. Along these lines, have a "and future subscriptions" option for podcast filtering. The idea being, I want it to apply to this selected list plus automatically to any podcasts I subscribe to in the future. This option should be a toggle.

Sync Issue

I love this app. Only pod cast player I could find that will sync between app and desktop. That being said I’m currently having an issue with the syncing. Please fix. Thanks!

Simply the Best

This podcast app beats them all - cross platform support (iOS, Android, Desktop) with the ability to sync played location across all platforms. Amazing. Also, advanced features like customizable autocleanup. Intuitive, good UI/UX. Keep it up!

The best

Better than all alternatives. Been using it for many years.

Best podcast app out there

I've been using it for years on Android and lately had to switch to iOS. I was surprised that this amazing app is available here and provides same experience. It's way better that a stock podcasts app since it gives much more visibility into your downloads and subscriptions. One thing is missing for me is music EQ. Otherwise I would give 5 stars.

Best Podcast Player

I have tried probably 6-7 different podcast organizing apps, and it’s not even close, this one is the best. Everything is intuitive and easy to find, queuing podcasts or marking for later playback is simple, unlike a lot of others I’ve tried. Sleek overall design and interface are just bonuses, love this app and will not go back to others. Thanks!

Great app, great support

I’ve tried a lot of podcast apps and YMMV, but this is my favorite. It’s intuitive to use and the updates have been improvements.. even one that I requested! They do seem to respond to user feedback.

Missing basic search feature

No way to search or filter in a podcast to only see episodes with specific word(s) in the title?? Really?!? How can this very basic feature still be missing? Just wasted $3.99...

Great but needs updates

When the chromecast works With the app is variable. Often I have to force quit and restart to find my cast network. Sometimes when you stop casting it loses your place. They really need to work on the functionality otherwise a very elegant app

Garbly music

I love this app, but with the last update, any music started sounding awful. Really hope it’s fixed soon.

Awesome app.

My favorite features has to be the fact that I can listen on any device and pick up right where I left off. Perfect if you HATE iTunes and have various devices in your life.

Could be better

This is my favorite podcast app. I really wish it had better navigation of episodes. Especially with podcasts with a lot of episodes when you want to sort “oldest to newest” it doesn’t load the first one, just previous 10 or so. It’s very inconvenient if you want to listen from the start.

117 podcasts and counting

I listen to podcasts all the time, and this has been the only app that let's me listen to every single podcast, the way I like them. They have smooth playback speeds, trimming silence, and could handle all my podcasts with different settings for each one. I love this app


Does podcasts really well, incredibly customizable, easy user interface, and reasonable cost. If only every app developer would follow PocketCast’s example. You really get what you pay for. Bravo.

Lastest version breaks everything

Loved it until this version. Going to the discover menu gives me an internet connection error. Can’t subscribe to any new podcasts. Also, creating an account gives me a registration error. I’ll change my rating if they fix it, but until then I’ll switch back to the Apple podcast app


Excelente applicacion la mejor

Recent crash behavior

I hope the developers read this review. I use this app for several years and have loved it. It’s been my most used app. But very recently all I get is a lengthy red splash screen and then it crashes. Sometimes after many multiple attempts it may ultimately work, or not. I use it on my iPhone X. I hope you are getting the crash data. I would love a response from the developers. And I would be happy to answer any questions that might help you debug this issue. In the meantime I would not recommend this app to anyone. I will be happy to update to 5 stars once this is corrected.

Don’t get it

I don’t understand how the ratings are so high on this podcast. I bought it thinking it must offer something over overcast and I was wrong. It’s not user friendly at all. Personal opinion is it’s not better looking. It has some strange things like you can’t download episodes unless you subscribe. Its fails to download episodes and then you have to troubleshoot to listen. Don’t even get me started on the sync issues between devices. It’s just corky. Further more upsetting is I emailed the developers and no response after days. I could go up in rating but the lack of care from them is a major burn for me. Very disappointing. I really want to like this but, oh well.

Too many clicks to play

The app is okay but it takes WAY to many clicks to play an episode and get to the screen where you can pause and fast forward. This is definitely not worth the money when you can get free apps that do the same thing.

Doesn't work with iOS 10.3 beta 4

I love the app, but the discover feature is weak. I literally open up the apple podcast app every now and then to see what new podcasts that I’ve never heard of are worth a listen because the discover feature is so lacking in this app.

I LOVE Pocketcasts

That pretty much sums it up. This app is amazing. I was super pumped it was in the app store when I switched from Android. 2 e-props.

It was great, now casting doesn’t work

The only reason I got this app easy to cast the podcasts. Now that doesn’t work.

Love the app but not a fan of the new update

I’ve had the app for a year and half now and I enjoy the heck out of it! How it looks, how it runs, the features, just everything! But in the new update I’m slightly bummed that in the previous version I could 3D Touch on iOS and mark as played from the app icon and now that has been removed and it has removed that simple yet greatly appreciated convenience. Please bring it back!!


This is the slickest podcast player I’ve found. The app is organized a little differently from most, and managing the “up next” queue looked daunting at first. The flexibility of the app means some extra effort starting out. But it only took a couple of days to get the hang of it, and now I have things exactly the way I want them. Comes with a watch app too, which is useful.

I’ve worn this app out...

According to the app stats I’ve used it to listen to 180 days of podcasts, so it deserves my first app review: It’s great. 180 days = half a year without sleep. I can’t think of another app/service that’s brought more joy to my life. It’s intuitive, unobtrusive, and works 100% of the time, every time. Nothing is perfect, but this is close.

Great app for podcasts

Lots of great features. Please update Apple Watch app to enable volume control from dial!

Decent Podcasting App

It works well

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